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PODCAST: Our Experiences in Korea so far!

Welcome to the first edition of the Untapped Travelcast! In this inaugural podcast, we talk about a variety of things we’ve experienced for the past three months living in Korea. We’ll compare our 3 months of Korean culture to my brother’s 12 years. My brother, Luke, first came to Korea in 2005 and things have changed immensely since he’s arrived.

Feel free to skip around the podcast since we talk about a wide array of experiences. Check out the time stamps below to see what interests you or cozy up to a nice hour and a half long cast. Be sure to scroll down to see some pics + videos of different things we talk about. Enjoy!


5:10 – Small Businesses

12:35 – Drinking: Soju + Cass

14:00 – Craft Beer in Korea 

20:00 – (Sidenote) Gordon Ramsay is a sellout

23:50 – Prices of Korean beer/Soju vs. the price of craft beer

32:45 – Craft Beer in Seoul

44:40 – The Drinking Culture (Hiking + Drinking)

50:30 – Jeff’s Walking Home Story

55:00 – Our Diets

1:13:24 – PC Rooms – Gaming in Korea

Our neighborhood

The staples of Korean drinking: Soju + Cass Beer

Craft Beer – The bottle on the right was amazingly only $3.50 for double IPA.

Gordon Ramsay is a sellout video:





PC Bang (room) that Jeff goes to play video games.

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