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Daegu Chimac Festival 2017

Chimac is a Korean conjunction of ‘chicken’ and ‘maekju (beer)’; this festival was likely just as you’d imagine – tons of people, chicken vendors, and craft beer stands.


Apparently Daegu is regionally known for delicious chicken, and it’s reputation holds up!  The chicken was usually spicy or tossed in a sweet sauce, but either way it tasted great.

The chicken kabobs pictured below were probably our favorite food available at the festival, and only cost about $3.

Craft beer has just recently had it’s coming out party in the peninsula.  The high cost of ingredients had previously kept western style beers out of South Korea, but has found a consumer base in recent years.

To my surprise, one of the breweries at the festival (Galmegi Brewing) had beers that I would expect to find in the United States!  Galmegi get’s my vote for best brewery at the festival, as they are able to inject some great hoppy flavors into their IPAs, bring excellent depth to their stouts, and to my surprise, had a delightful gose that helped with the heat!

The other breweries present at the festival had IPAs on the menu along with wheat ales, and stouts which quenched my thirst for good beers!  I was so happy to get my hands on some authentic craft beer, I donned some crazy eyes for a bit, and probably creeped a few people out.

Whasoo, Farmers, and Red Rock were some other breweries at the festival that we really enjoyed!  All-in-all the festival was an awesome experience, and I’m glad I was able to get exposure to Korea’s version of tasty beer.






I had to write something about the group of protesters at this event.  They held signs that I couldn’t read and screamed words that I couldn’t understand, but everyone has a right to do what they please, and these women chose to spend their time NOT drinking beer at a beer festival.  Needless to say, their protesting was likely ineffective.

I truly don’t understand why these women aren’t wearing shoes, but I guess I kind of get the red paint… Regardless, protesting at a festival where the animals who’s rights you’re fighting for are already dead, is essentially just advocating the waste of deliciously seasoned chicken meat.

*Just making a joke, so spare me the politics*

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