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Mi Patria – Ecuadorian Food in Des Moines

As is the case with Pho888Mi Patria is tucked away in an old strip mall (1410 22nd Street, West Des MoinesIA 50266), but provides the flavors and craftsmanship of a world class restaurant.  Food Network even gave Mi Patria some props by sending their resident troll to slurp down the delicious Ecuadorian food!

When you dine at this fine establishment, I recommend starting with the empanadas which are pictured below.   These things are amazing, and I implore you to find me a finer plate of fried meat-stuffed pastry.

The food at Mi Patria is finely tuned, and likely unique to anyone that hasn’t lived in or visited South America, so read the menu and pick whatever sounds good, as I’ve enjoyed everything that I’ve eaten on the menu.  The best way that I can describe Ecuadorian food is a combination of really good Mexican food with some Eastern flavors tossed in, accompanied by a little something extra that I can’t quite explain.  Be wary of eating too many plantains though, because they’re extremely heavy and can fill you up before you get to the heart of your meal!

I know I said that you can peruse the menu at your leisure, but if you’re needy and are looking for a recommendation, I give you the Lomo Saltado, which is the Mi Patria twist on Carne Asada Fries that will not disappoint.  For those of you who enjoy a good pasta dish, I highly recommend the Tallarin de Pollo, which is a linguine pasta that will surely bring you to flavor town.

Mi Patria is a little slice of Ecuador off of Exit 2 on US235 in West Des Moines, and I would recommend it to anyone.  Bring a date, or your family, because either way you’ll be thanked for the experience.

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